BOGE Rubber & Plastics expands capacities in Slovakia: Automotive supplier sees growth opportunities in the field of plastics technology


Trnava (Slovakia)/Damme (Germany). The globally leading automotive supplier for vibration control and precision-manufactured plastic components, the BOGE Rubber & Plastics Group now has expanded significantly its capacities in Slovakia with the construction of a second production hall. Reason for extension in Trnava is the good order situation. "Our current capacities in Slovakia have reached their limit, especially in the plastics sector there is still considerable growth potential," explained CEO Dr Torsten Bremer the expansion. The investment volume is about 7 million €. In the new hall with a production area of over 5,000 square meters, about 110 employees are already at work.  30 of these employees were freshly recruited and 80 were recruited from the staff of the previous production hall.

“We can now arrange production in logical complexes and want to increase the production efficiency and thus further strengthen our competitiveness, " says Jürgen Boelt, Managing Director of BOGE Elastmetall Slovakia a.s. Now, a strict separation of the production of rubber-metal components and plastic parts will be implemented.

In the new hall, exclusively plastic parts will be produced. Here, among other products steering column height adjusting levers, airbag housings and pedal modules are manufactured.

In addition to the machines and equipment that have already commenced operations, further investments will be implemented for capacity extensions soon along with a continuous expansion of workforce.

The automotive supplier BOGE Rubber & Plastics, headquartered in Damme (Germany), has been represented at the location in Trnava since the year 2000. About 770 employees generate in Trnava an annual turnover of more than 100 million €.

Slovakia is one of the top 20 global automotive manufacturers worldwide. 2015 more than one million cars were produced for the first time in Slovakia according to the Association of the Slovakian Automotive Industry (ZAP SR). Slovakia is a global leader with an annual production of 184 cars per 1,000 inhabitants.

The BOGE Rubber & Plastics Group, is a top player among the leading worldwide automotive suppliers in the field of rubber-metal and plastics technology and employs about 4,000 employees generating an annual consolidated turnover of approx. million 700 EUR. The company headquartered in Damme (Germany) is represented internationally at ten locations in seven countries - Damme, Simmern, Bonn (Germany), Trnava (Slovakia), Fontenay (France), Sorocaba (Brazil), Dingley (Australia), Hebron (USA), Qingpu, Zhuzhou (both China). BOGE Rubber & Plastics is a division of the Chinese Zhuzhou Times New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (TMT). TMT is a subsidiary of China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation Ltd. (CRRC). The Group employs about 180,000 people.

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Photo: The automotive supplier BOGE Rubber & Plastics has built a second factory hall in the Slovakian Trnava.