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You have to think ahead to be successful. As a technology leader and key player in the automotive sector for many years, we develop customized innovative products and technical solutions. We consistently forge new paths in order to continue setting standards in the future.


  • Considerably improved NVH behaviour (noise, vibration, harshness) when compared with conventional engine mounts
  • Optimal damping for every operating status
  • Different characteristic curves for every engine speed
  • Increased driving comfort and agile driving dynamics in every situation

Active Engine Mounts

Tranquility in the Driveline

Active engine mounts optimally dampen and isolate the vibrations and noises generated by the car’s engine in every combustion engine operating mode. This noticeably enhances comfort for the vehicle occupants. But it is also a key element concerning engine downsizing and vehicles with electronic cylinder shutoff – which constantly change their vibration behaviour – comfortable and hence marketable.



  • Maximum performance coupled with a weight advantage of approximately 25 percent compared to conventional designs
  • Completely insensitive to corrosion
  • 100% recyclable

Plastic Engine Mounts

Lightweight with maximum performance

Lightweight design is one of the key technologies when it comes to reducing the energy consumption of vehicles. However, automotive manufacturers and suppliers are unable to draw on a superordinate patent solution. In actual fact, the sum of the individual weight reductions in numerous passenger car components represents the key to success. Thus, BOGE Rubber & Plastics developed a pioneering rubber-plastic engine mount.


  • Weight optimized products
  • Reduced CO2
  • Flexibility in design / function integration
  • Greater design freedom
  • Recyclable - reduced resource consumption
  • Cost reduction

Plastic Pedal Modules

Lightweight Stability

Plastic pedals provide all the advantages this modern material has to offer: More design freedom and multifunctionality with excellent stability and minimal weight characteristics. The reduction of fuel consumption and the lower costs are convincing. Innovative manufacturing processes, such as hybrid procedures or internal water pressure technology turn the plastic pedal unit into a modern and comfortable operating unit.