Make clutch actuation system smoother

Anyone who has already gained experience with stiff clutches knows the motivation the automotive industry puts into finding solutions to solve this problem that are both feasible and economical. A project of this kind has now been initiated and implemented in cooperation with the automotive supplier BOGE Elastmetall, the Bachelor student Jannis Finke, the University of Hanover and the Competence Center LAB of the University of Osnabrück.

The aim was to minimize the friction in the clutch actuation system explained Keit Wagener from the product line Plastics of BOGE Elastmetall. It was fitting that Jannis Finke from Hille near Minden was looking for a topic for his Bachelor thesis.

With the support of the test department of BOGE Elastmetall, he has done a lot of research to find out what the main source of the frictions is.  His task was to combine the results gained from practical experience and theoretical simulation. On the basis of the overall results, measures should then be developed to eliminate the frictions. "When the first 'baddies' were found, we built a prototype to verify the optimization," Keit Wagener said.

In addition, simulations models were developed at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences to calculate and determine the interference factors. This resulted in a 25 percent optimization option taking into account technically feasible conditions. This is a surprising finding in the largest survey so far. Julian Weitkamp from Osnabrück University then drew a positive conclusion: “This is a very exciting project which poses interesting challenges for us and which shows that simulation and practice can complement each other perfectly.” 

The driver perceives this optimization as a significant increase in driving comfort,   Uwe Steinkamp of BOGE Elastmetall explained. This was very good news for the manufacturers, which met with a positive response. Steinkamp expressed his appreciation for the excellent cooperation of all people involved.  One of the biggest challenges for all of us was the many factors influencing the pedal system. "A great team effort and, of course, Jannis Finke showed that as a student he is able to practice “live” and he also presents himself very well in direct contact with the customer."

Jannis Finke would like to start his master's degree in Hanover after the project. The subject is not yet clear but it will have a similar orientation. Maybe at BOGE Elastmetall again. "I can also imagine the Damme company as a potential future employer."