Record investment in pedal system production: official inauguration by Minister President Stephan Weil


Damme. Stephan Weil, the Minister President of Lower Saxony, has officially opened the "Pedal System" major project at BOGE Elastmetall GmbH in Damme today, June 15. The investment amounts to around €25 million. In total, 38 different types of pedal made from plastic are being produced for over 85 models of car for the Volkswagen Group. The annual volume of this project for BOGE Elastmetall GmbH is set to peak at around €60 million: then, around 2.8 million brake modules and around 1.9 million clutch modules will be produced annually.

At the opening celebrations, Minister President Stephan Weil expressed his delight at the high degree of automation of the assembly systems and the innovativeness of BOGE Rubber & Plastics. He also went into the importance of the automobile industry for the location of Lower Saxony: "It is important for the further development of the automobile industry in Lower Saxony that we have technologically progressive companies such as BOGE," emphasized the Minister President. Worth a special mention are the fully-automated assembly system and the highly automated conveyor system for containers for prefabricated parts between assembly systems and the new dispatch hall. Furthermore, a computer tomography laboratory ensures that the material quality maintains a consistently specific level.

Dr. Torsten Bremer, CEO of BOGE Rubber & Plastics, pointed out during the opening celebrations that projects such as the plastic pedal system contribute towards the further consolidation of the company’s position as a leader in the field of technology and innovation. "Lightweight construction is in great demand amongst car manufacturers at the moment. With the production of the plastic pedals, we are significantly contributing towards achieving lighter and, therefore, more energy-efficient vehicles," is how Dr. Bremer emphasized the role of BOGE in his welcome speech. In this context, he expressly thanked all employees for the effort they invested in order to implement such a major project reliably and punctually. Regional politics also exemplarily supported the project, according to Dr. Bremer.

The BOGE CEO also discussed the role of suppliers to the automobile industry in future. "In order to comply with the requirements of our customers we, as a supplier to the automobile industry, must continue to do our best to market globally competitive products from a quality and cost aspect," is how Dr. Bremer pointed out the challenges faced by the suppliers.

Burkhard Tiemann, Head of Plastics at BOGE Rubber & Plastics, highlighted the company’s cooperation with VW. "The time frame of 18 months to the launch of production was more than ambitious. Thanks to the professional cooperation between VW and our team, we succeeded in achieving the demanding objective of the project, and went into production in January of this year," is how Tiemann explained the decisive factor which determined the success of the project.

The production of pedal systems at the Damme BOGE Rubber & Plastics site is the largest customer project ever realized by the company – anywhere in the world. The investment includes two fully-automated assembly lines and 10 injection moulding machines. Nineteen robots are planned for the finishing operation and assembly stages. The production hall is around 1,000 square meters in size. It is complemented by a new logistics hall 6,000 square meters in size. The capacities will require an additional assembly system by 2017 to enable the company to take care of further models of the VW Group.

With around 4,000 employees, the BOGE Rubber & Plastics Group turned over around €740 million in 2015, with around one-third of the turnover being made at the Damme site. Damme is the biggest site of the automobile supplier, with over 1,000 employees.

BOGE Rubber & Plastics in brief:

The BOGE Rubber & Plastics Group, a globally leading supplier of vibration technology and plastics solutions in the automobile industry, makes a consolidated annual turnover of around €740 million with its around 4,000 employees. The company, which has its headquarters in Damme (Germany), is present in 10 locations worldwide – Damme, Simmern, Bonn (all in Germany), Trnava (Slovakia), Fontenay (France), Sorocaba (Brazil), Dingley (Australia), Hebron (USA), Qingpu and Zhuzhou (both in China). The Chinese Zhuzhou Times New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (TMT) is the owner of BOGE Rubber & Plastics. TMT is a subsidiary of the China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation Ltd. (CRRC), a group which employs around 180,000 members of staff.

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Photo:  Pedal system production: Official inauguration by Minister President Stephan Weil (from left to right): Gerd Muhle, Major of the City Damme, Minister President  Stephan Weil and Dr. Torsten Bremer, CEO BOGE Rubber & Plastics Group.