Everything about your application to BOGE

You have found a suitable position among the job offers and would now like to apply for a job with us? On this page, you will find all important information about the application process at BOGE Rubber & Plastics Group.


Job search 

We publish all vacancies in our job offers. If you do not find a suitable job, we would be pleased to receive your unsolicited application. You are also welcome to send us an unsolicited application for internships and thesis work. In this case, please let us know the desired field and the time period. If you already have a topic in mind for your thesis, please also include information on this topic in your application

The application

Your application should include a covering letter, resumé and current references and certificates. Instructions on how to write your application and on the application process can be found further down on this page. Please send us your application summarized in a PDF file by e-mail. 

Accordion Element
Your covering letter

The covering letter of your application should be concise and comprehensible. Address the covering letter to the contact person mentioned in the job offer. We would like to know what skills you can offer for the position and why you are best qualified for the job. Make sure that you include all the important information, but keep your covering letter clear and not too long. 

Your resumé

In the tabular resumé, all relevant information about your professional career is provided. In addition to personal data such as your name, birthday, address and contact details, this also includes your education, professional experience and further training. 

Your appendix

The appendix should include current references and certificates that are relevant to the job offered. This includes the certificate of your highest level of education and vocational training, internship and work references as well as recommendations and certificates of further education. Please make sure that you only include current documents that are relevant to the position.

The application process