Truck / Bus

The requirement to achieve maximum driving dynamics, comfort and sound insulation can only be met by high-performance suspension components. As a specialist in vibration control technology, BOGE Rubber & Plastics develops tailor-made components for manufacturers of vans, trucks, buses, trailers and special vehicles. Our focus is not only on solutions for noise insulation, vibration damping and safety, but also on resource management and performance optimization. Less weight - more power: This is what our components made of lightweight materials such as plastics or aluminum offer as distance tubes, mount housings or pedal modules.  

We are always on the go for you to make mobility in the future even safer and more economical. 

Accordion Element
Leaf-spring supporting mount
  • Optimizes driving dynamics and traction 

  • Improves comfort and safety  

  • Extremely sturdy and reliable  

Self-steering behavior
  • Improves self-steering properties   

  • Optimizes driving dynamics   

  • Enhances driving comfort  

Drivers cab
Accordion Element
Cab pivoting mount
  • Enables smooth tilting of the cabin  

  • Complex function integration  

  • Enhanced comfort – optimum driving dynamics  

Comfort cab mount
  • Improves driving dynamics and comfort 

  • Optimizes NVH behavior of entire vehicle 

  • Makes the driver’s workplace safe and more comfortable

Accordion Element
Engine mount
  • Isolates passenger compartment from power unit vibrations  

  • Optimizes safety and comfort 

  • Keeps noise and harshness away from the driver

Torque strut mount
  • Ensures effective torque support 

  • Maximum noise insulation 

  • Enhances comfort – optimum driving dynamics

Bus couplings
Accordion Element
Flexible couplings for buses
  • Electrically insulated 

  • High rotational stability 

  • Wide damping range 

Accordion Element
Oil reservoir
  • Broad range of products    

  • Integration of filtration technology   

  • Design in black, translucent and transparent - suitable for the respective application field