SPE Automotive Award recognizes outstanding technology and engineering performance

The BOGE Rubber & Plastics Group has now received the renowned "SPE Automotive Award" for its outstanding technology and development performance. In the category "Chassis Unit/Structural Component" BOGE won the award for the “front cross member” of the Mercedes-Benz C-, E- and S-Class. The lightweight component features a unique material combination. The hybrid design of the "front cross member" (rear axle transmission mount in the subframe) achieves a significant weight reduction compared with the previous die-cast aluminum design while retaining maximum performance.

The Automotive Division Award, which the International Society for Plastics Engineering / SOCIETY OF PLASTICS ENGINEERS (SPE) Central Europe has organized every year and a half since 1992, is well-known in the industry for the high quality of the submissions and the objective evaluation criteria. This year, the Automotive Division Award was given for outstanding developments in plastic components for vehicle construction in various categories on the occasion of the Award Night at the Crowne Plaza Düsseldorf/Neuss.